2019 Course Price List

1-to-1 Tuition - £120 per day

Welcome to Artistry in Woodturning - thanks for taking an interest! 

Now, let's see if I can help you start your adventure into Woodturning.


My courses are structured but informal and can be tailored to your interest and/or experience.  One-to-one courses are available, or you can join a small group.

All courses will include safety in the workshop advice.  I provide all PPE, but please feel free to bring your own if you have any.


Food is not provided, so please bring your own lunch.  Tea, coffee, juice and water are available at any time (plus biscuits!!)


Parking is available on-site.


1-Day Introduction to Woodturning


Morning session - Forms of woodturning, spindle, headstock, etc. Tools and lathe selection for the beginner. Sharpening your tools.


Afternoon session - 2 simple projects involving spindle and headstock turning for you to take home.

2-Day Course for Beginners


Morning session Day 1 - Introduction to between-centres turning and the tools involved. Introduction to faceplate turning and the tools involved. Different sharpening systems and techniques. Sanding and finishing.


Afternoon session Day 1 - Practice and development of tool control with spindle, bowl and skew tools.

Morning and Afternoon Session Day 2 - All day on the lathe working on 2 projects, one spindle and the other faceplate.

2-Day Improvers/Intermediate Course for Bowls & Platters


The 2 days will cover wood selection, design, tool techniques, sharpening, texturing, sanding and finishing. Where possible, tuition will take place on the lathe with practice being at the forefront.

Cross Grain Crotch Training


1-Day Course in natural edge turning (end grain crotch) - suitable for Intermediate or Experienced turners.

Extreme Natural Edge

1-Day extreme natural edge turning (end grain crotch) - suitable for Intermediate or Experienced turners.